*NEW* Dark Eldar Incubi Converts (from old-school High Elves)


So, things have been a little quiet around here due to my hellish bachelor project,

but i have finally found the time to post my latest creations! Incubi “converts” from some old High Elf


The main focus of this project was to practice, or discover, a way to use glow.
Did i manage to pull it off? To some extent.

To be completly honest with you, i’m actually still in doubt.

The overall proces of painting these figures was surprizingly easy;

  • Base-coat in GW colours (watered down black, + 2 metal copper-ish colours and a bit of brown).
  • Basecoat weapon in silver and hair with some sort of bone-white yellowish colour.
  • Wash with black ink (watered down)
  • “Highlight” with brown on clothy areas, leave the rest (since i was going for a very dark and gloomy look for these figures)
  • Drybrush with Khorne Red (a darker shade), then a lighter shade of red followed på white
  • Glaze with red
  • Drybrush slightly with white and also paint the “gem” of the sword white
  • Glaze with red again
  • Finish up (details as eyes and other small parts)

Albeit, this is not a very detailed walk-through of what i did, i still thought the figures turned out fantastic, and they blend right in to the rest of my army. Next up will be some eldar allies and possibly my tourny-list (which is itching to go public).

Also considering investing in a AIRbrush, so any reckommendations in that direction would be fantastic!!

Until next time :> Audr3y


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