*NEW* Dark Eldar Incubi Converts (from old-school High Elves)


So, things have been a little quiet around here due to my hellish bachelor project,

but i have finally found the time to post my latest creations! Incubi “converts” from some old High Elf


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Clowny Covern list (1850 pts army)

clown-moviesSo, I have been pondering over a mixed Covern and Harlequin list for some time now, so I thought I would give it a go. I simply can’t get the idea of an underground, space-pirating, corpse-thieving clown cult out of my head oO Continue reading Clowny Covern list (1850 pts army)

Who the fuck am I? (and why do i have a blog oO)

Besides my extensive about.me profile with 10-15 words and very good picture of said self, I found it prudent to write a few words about who I am and why I have embarked on this bizare blogging adventure you have been reading with such keen interest.

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The Grotesque conversions Take 1

11279970_10152767468712470_156403754_n 11422748_10152767468992470_1513635609_n

Disclaimer: I am neither pro nor anything of the like. I love playing with little plastic men and painting them so any positive response in form of friendly pointers of positive critique is more than welcome.

So – I thought I’d upload a few images of the 3 converted grotesques that I am currently working on. Sorry for not posting any more images of them, but I have already painted Fluffy George (1st from the right).

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We Shall Call Him “Fluffy George” (Painting Grotesque Nr. 1)

11653346_10152785658522470_1495153728_nRight! The hype is real! This is “Fluffy George”!
He/It is the first of 3 Rat Ogre Conversions and is expected to be somewhat fluffy around the edges. I’m thinking a “rat vs. a tumbledrier“-type of situation. With Meathooks. And a tentacle fit for any hentai-megalomanic fantasy. And drugs. God i love Dark Eldar!

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A hearty welcome & What the future shall bring upon us

As my first post on the site, i would like to welcome any future readers and add a little insight into what is going to be happening in my little corner of the internet; Welcome!

This is first and foremost a warhammer 40.000 miniature painting blog. On top of that, i will be doing conversions and in the near future some more adverse painting jobs for friends (since they are lazy gits and i honestly prefer to play versus well painted armies). I play Dark Eldar, so this blog will to some extent be focused around that.

The future will hold some tutorials and hopefully some tactica for Dark Eldar (as i get around to doing so) including both step-by-step guides and youtube videos.

So, without further ado, i welcome thee to my humblest of blogs! Audr3ys warhammer 40k <3! ENJOY!